Face sign-in, speaking record, meeting robot is coming!
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Meeting robot is here~~



In various complaints about meetings, many people have a demand: meeting robots.

In response to this demand, based on its own experience in the artificial intelligence industry, ADRA has developed a service robot suitable for conference scenes with functions such as venue guidance, face recognition and sign-in, meeting records, and interaction with the host. It is understood that the robot has been put into use at the Southwest Oil and Gas Field Branch of China National Petroleum Corporation.


Southwest Oil and Gas Field Conference Room

1. Face recognition, smart sign-in


Based on computer vision algorithms and image processing AI, the robot can effectively recognize biological signs. During the conference sign-in process, the robot intelligently signs in through face recognition and prompts the seat number. It only takes 3 seconds to sign in without queuing.

2. Conference venue reception guidance


During the conference, the robot becomes a 'receptionist', and is responsible for welcoming guests and guiding the way on the spot, leaving a high-quality experience for the participants.

3. Language processing, meeting minutes


The robot uses advanced voice recognition technology to accurately perform voice recognition in a variety of scenarios and environments, and supports real-time voice-to-text. During the meeting, accurate records can be recorded in real time, and perfect meeting records can be automatically generated.

More services


Video conference: remote conference

Meeting assistance: multimedia control

Photo service: leave pictures and images of participants

The intelligent meeting service robot breaks the cumbersome meeting mode of the past, greatly saves manpower and material resources, and realizes real-time information exchange to improve meeting efficiency.

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