Horror! Anze Intelligent EOD Robot MR-5!
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Recently, ADRA Intelligent EOD robot MR-5 participated in the exercise of China Weapon Industry Laboratory, and the outstanding performance of the robot was highly recognized by customers.

Security inspection and EOD is one of the most important areas of modern social security. Using EOD robots to replace humans in high-risk environments and reduce the casualties of EOD personnel is a common choice under the severe and complex social security situation and the goal of building a safe China.

Non-contact remote detonation

Through remote operation, the EOD robot can perform various standard tasks:

1. Remotely control the robot to conduct dangerous goods survey, such as suspicious object identification, detection, pickup, removal, etc.

2. Remote control to perform a variety of special operations, such as opening doors, opening windows, removing obstacles, detecting under the vehicle, dragging objects, etc.

3. Transfer the suspicious objects to explosion-proof tanks or safe areas for destruction.

Horror! Anze Intelligent EOD Robot MR-5!

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