Anze Intelligence promotes the popularization and promotion of robot products with China's independe
In order to deeply understand the production and operation status...
Face sign-in, speaking record, meeting robot is coming!
Meeting robot is here~~In various complaints about meetings, many...
Anze exhibition hall exhibition hall robot, creating an intelligent unattended exhibition hall!
Recently, Anze intelligent service robots provided welcoming rece...
A picture takes you to understand: 5G + artificial intelligence!
Recently, in a business hall of China Mobile in Futian, the Anze ...
An AI robot from Huizhou Rural Commercial Bank! Be proficient in everything!
'Hello, welcome! What can I do for you?''I want to open an accoun...
The general mobilization of 5G intelligent robots will help the Dazhou two sessions to be held succe
Recently, the fifth meeting of the Fourth People's Congress of Da...
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