Security patrol robot

Improve efficiency and ensure safety

Anyoumi Commercial Service Robot I
Anyoumi Commercial Service Robot IAnze Intelligent Anyoumi Service Robot is...
Anyoumi Commercial Service Robot II
Anyoumi Commercial Service Robot IIAnze Intelligent Anyoumi Service Robot i...
Disinfection and cleaning robot
Disinfection and cleaning robotAnze intelligent disinfection and cleaning r...
Patrol robot AN-D
Patrol robot AN-DThe security patrol robot AN-D is independently researched...
Patrol robot AN-C
Patrol robot AN-CThe security patrol robot AN-C is independently researched...
Long-track EOD Robot Tracker IIIL
Long-track EOD Robot Tracker IIILAnze Intelligent EOD Robot Tracker IIIL is...
Short-track EOD Robot Tracker IIIS
Short-track EOD Robot Tracker IIISAnze Intelligent EOD Robot Tracker IIIS i...
Long-range armed strike robot TrackerIIILS
Long-range armed strike robot TrackerIIILSAnze's intelligent long-range arm...
MR-5X Intelligent X-ray EOD Detection Robot
MR-5X Intelligent X-ray EOD Detection RobotAnze intelligent MR-5X intellige...
X-ray EOD detection robot Tracker IIIX
X-ray EOD detection robot Tracker IIIXAnze intelligent X-ray EOD detection ...



In order to deeply understand the p...
Anze Intelligence promotes the popularization and promotion of robot products with China's independe
Meeting robot is here~~In various c...
Face sign-in, speaking record, meeting robot is coming!
Recently, Anze intelligent service ...
Anze exhibition hall exhibition hall robot, creating an intelligent unattended exhibition hall!
Recently, in a business hall of Chi...
A picture takes you to understand: 5G + artificial intelligence!
'Hello, welcome! What can I do for ...
An AI robot from Huizhou Rural Commercial Bank! Be proficient in everything!
Recently, the fifth meeting of the ...
The general mobilization of 5G intelligent robots will help the Dazhou two sessions to be held succe
Recently, ADRA Intelligent EOD robo...
Horror! Anze Intelligent EOD Robot MR-5!


Multi-sensor fusion navigation technology
Multi-sensor fusion navigation technology

Fusion of multiple sensor information to achieve high-precision navigation in complex environments

Visual AI
Visual AI

Real-time monitoring of face recognition based on deep learning combined with cloud face database

High-speed communication technology
High-speed communication technology

High-speed data communication guarantees real-time transmission of high-definition images and remote monitoring of robots

High reliability chassis
High reliability chassis

Adapt to different application scenarios to meet all-weather requirements

Cloud platform
Cloud platform

Cloud platform based on high-speed data link to realize comprehensive operation and management functions


Shenzhen Special Police
West China Hospital of Sichuan Province
Danyang Procuratorate
Xixian New District Management Committee
Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital
Southwest Oil and Gas Field
Ministry of Public Security
China Telecom
China Mobile
Country Garden
Jinke Real Estate
Fengdong Fenghe Scenic Area
HNA Group
North China Industrial Control
Galaxy Group
Nanchang Airport
Shang Tang
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